About Us

Capra, is a fresh, fun and Colourful lifestyle Brand. Originally a Brand to get you a bunch of diversified Fashion products is based in Jaipur and owned by SHEFCOZ. 

A passion for fashion, courage and imagination are important ingredients in the brand’s policy. Simple yet contemporary.

Products are designed to be simple, functional and affordable. From fine handmade recycled stationery, garments, utilities to home products, the Capra product range will include tools that enhance productivity and inspire creativity in our everyday life. It is one of its kind brands that offer innovation and stylish Lifestyle Products. Handmade by the finest rural craftsman from all over India, each piece is unique & elegant. The Love for India, good design and good quality is visible all that we do.

Get drenched in the products full of attitude & spunk. We introduce an array of things with a difference of creativity. Lifestyle products overhauled with aesthetic sensibilities!!!



Brand Value


We employ local labours in the villages and the needy; living in cities. We like to promote women workers and Homemakers. Quite a few products are made by the Indian Women sitting at home and working for us. This way they are able to live upto their family expectations and also earn at the same time. Capra products preserve the company’s core values of elegance and simplicity.

Capra partnership with local producers and dealers in India ensures that the products are of highest quality and are according to the strict ethical guidelines.

The method of sourcing is on the following standards:

  • We give support to local suppliers, labours and Household Women

  • None of its products are manufactured using child labour.

  • We support traditional/Manual production methods


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